Best bug and tar remover for cars

Summer’s quickly approaching, and for a vast part of the US, that means the bugs are coming back and construction barrels will blossom for road construction. In turn, cars will soon be ridden with bugs that met their unfortunate end with the vehicle’s front end, and tar will inevitably find a way all over the paint clear coat as crews patch potholes born from winter.

Thankfully, we can help you get rid of all the bug splatter, tar spots and stubborn stains mucking up your car paint with our top picks for bug and tar removers. All of these cleaner choices are based on our first-hand experience with each product. Make sure to read on afterwards for our choices, followed by tips on how to use the products the right way.

McKee’s 37

We liked McKee 37’s spray product so much, we wanted to try what may even be a simpler product to use — its Road Kill Bug Scrubber. It just requires you to dunk it in some warm, soapy water filled with car wash soap. We’re happy to report it works really darn well removing bug splats and tar residue, just like the Road Kill Bug Remover spray, it removes bugs with ease.

This bug sponge scrubber did not leave any trace marks of scratching on paint clear coat in our experience, even on a black car, and it scrubbed off contaminants like dried bug guts and bird droppings with ease. If you don’t actually want to add another spray bottle of detailing product to your arsenal, keeping a couple of these on hand is a great choice.